Invitation anatomy

So, you’re getting married and need to invite your guests. 

You’ve seen all the different cards sent to you for friend’s weddings and wondered, “are they really necessary?”   “What does a wedding invitation actually do and what should it include?”  

The first thing to remember when thinking of your wedding stationery is, this is the first thing your guests will see.  It’s is the window to your celebrations and sets the tone for your event.  So…

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the stationery for your wedding.

1.     What is your wedding style?  This could be formal and grand, sophisticated, causal or anything in between.

2.     What is your wedding theme?  It’s always nice to have consistency in your style and theming.  Once you have chosen a theme for your wedding it’s important to apply that to each piece of stationery.  Consistency sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests a sneak peek of what is to come.

Wedding invitations can be a series of cards with celebration information for your guests.  It’s important to provide as much information as you can, as clearly as you can.  Nerida from Elliefont, has extensive experience in marketing and government writing and has applied her knowledge in writing to help you create beautifully written stationery for your wedding.  If you are having trouble composing your wedding stationery, just let her know, she will be more than happy to help.


Your invitation is the centre piece of your wedding stationery.  It sets the tone, gives your guests the key details of the day and is a reference for your guests getting to the venue on time.  Elliefont ensures your invitation card is not only gorgeous but durable – printed on 350 gsm card with your choice of texture, finish and colour.   

Response card

It’s important to gather your RSVPs as succinctly as possible.  This might be via email or phone or via post.  Elliefont’s response cards are a self-addressed postcard for easy return to you from your guests.  You can choose to add the stamp to the card for your guests, or allow them to choose to post, email or phone you.

Nerida personally recommends the RSVP postcard.  Guests complete the card and send it back to you.  It’s an easy way to collate responses and ensure everyone has replied.  If you have a variety of different avenues for responses you could find yourself losing track of replies, so whichever way you choose try as best you can to maintain the consistency… it will make collating your RSVPs, dietary requirements and any other information easy to reflect on to report back to your catering, transport and accommodation vendors. 

Wishing well/gift registry card

If you are deciding on a wishing well or have registered for gifts, you will need to let your friends and family know.  There are lots of options for wording wishing well cards – see Elliefont’s blog post on invitation wording if you need help or inspiration.

If you have a gift registry all you need to do is list the store details with the registry number, guests will then be able to shop online or instore for your gifts.

 There are also wording options for couples who don’t want gifts.  If you would like your guest to just attend the day and not worry about gifts you might like to consider one of these wording options for your invitations. There are some options to consider on Elliefont’s blog post relating to invitation wording.

Information card

Information cards are not always a requirement, but if your wedding requires your guests book accommodation and/or travel to your wedding this information is essential.

Try to make things as easy for your guests as possible and offer suggestions for travel and accommodation. They will appreciate the help and also be grateful to be part of the action if they book flights and accommodation with other guests.    

Celebration timelines are such a fun way to outline the pre wedding, wedding and post wedding events.  It gives your guest a run-down of what’s happening where.  They can then pick and choose the pre wedding and post wedding events they attend.


If you chose to have all your wedding information on separate cards you can tie them all together with a ribbon and bow or printed belly band.  

Elliefont also offers bespoke invitation pockets to encase your invitation and all the cards in a folded card with a pocket for all the additional information.  

Accordion invitations are a compact and cute style providing an economical way to communicate all of your wedding celebrations to your guests without all the separate cards.